Wednesday, March 08, 2006

You're not dying,...

…you just can’t think of anything good to do.

Man I wish I had a copy of Ferris today. Of course I actually feel like I’m dying. Victoria had the stomach bug Saturday, Jonathan and Jackson had it Sunday and I thought I had avoided it. I had, until the Tulsa Mothers of Multiples meeting at Don Pablo’s in south Tulsa last night. I ate 2 bites of my food and got sick. I then proceeded to drive the hour home alone, while being sick once on the highway. Yipee!

I haven’t been sick since 2am, but I couldn’t sleep and I’ve had a fair fever and the aches today. The kids over all have been kind and let me just lay on the futon in the office, while they do whatever. I hope like everyone one else in my house this is over by tomorrow.

Fair warning, if this bug is going around where you live, I got word from one of the nurses at my OB’s that this strain has been nasty and is giving people seconds.

Wash you hands and be well.

This officially killed this pregnancy being the one I didn't throw up. I was so proud and at the exact halfway point (20 weeks). Bummer.


Kelly Sime said...

Sorry to hear your sick. Scott has just about recovered, but I'm getting the second round--you're right about that.

I hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Remind me next time you are here I have two copies of Ferris. I bought the Bueller! Bueller! edition and it wasn't worth it; no good special features.


Jeremy said...

Sounds terrible; I plan on avoiding it. Hope you get to feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Sara, my sister has a perfect term for this stuff....she calls it mean s***. I thought it was an adequate description from when I had it. Pam

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah! I have a friend from high school in the Mothers of Multiples Club in Tulsa. I think hers are around 4. Her name is Christy Goodman. Let me know if you ever meet her. Wow! Small world! Congrats on the twins (and the SUV :)! Lori Turner