Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Our taxes are done; I e-filed our federal and sent in my state. We should have our federal return by Friday. I’m glad to get OUR money back, but then again I’m also irritated.

They keep our money and don’t have to pay us interest. If I EVER borrow money I have to pay for it.

Like I said I am glad to get our money back, but it still just seems wrong they get to keep our cash interest free.

Yes, I’m a selfish capitalist.


Jeremy said...

You could always bump up your number of dependents you claim on your W-4 and then correct that number on your income tax returns, thus giving you a change to put that extra dough in an interest-bearing account.

Sara said...

That's the game plan for next year. We just have to figure out how many to claim, especially now that we are adding 2 more.