Sunday, March 05, 2006

Our New Baby

No, I’m not talking about preterm labor. Saturday we bought a new (used) car. We bought a 2003 Expedition; this is the newest car we have ever owned. Prior to this our newest were 1995’s (and this was after the year 2000). It’s white (not our first color choice, but you can’t be too picky). It has slightly over 54,000 miles and is in great shape with all of the maintenance records. It also has leather seats (after 2 kids this is a must for easy clean up). So far we don’t have buyers remorse.

Here’s a little more ultrasound info, for those of you who care. They were able to tell me that the twins were identical, because even though they are in separate sacks (a very good thing), the membrane between was too thin for them to be anything but identical. They also did 3D images of the babies (which I’ve never seen before) and it was like looking at them. It was neat, but a little creepy. Everything looks great, but because I am having identical twins this puts me at slightly higher risk, mainly of twin-to-twin transfusion (one getting more nutrients, blood, etc.). Thankfully it isn’t too big of a deal anymore. You can usually correct it by drinking vitamin/protein shakes, like Boost. This can usually help you avoid the laser surgery to correct it.

I started wearing maternity clothes yesterday. I have decided that they should rename them, “normal clothes that you are supposed to think look cute, while stretched over your fat stomach.” My regular medium tee’s that I had been wearing made me look less pregnant, then the maternity stuff. I’ll post something to show you my point later.

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