Thursday, March 30, 2006

Shifting my position to the left.

No, I’m not talking political; I’m talking about sleep.  Studies show, when pregnant it is best to sleep on your side, preferably on your left (it improves kidney function and give better blood flow to the babies).  Well, I am a right side sleeper and I have been doing my best to sleep on my left for 4 nights now.  I wake up every day with bad back pain and lousy sleep.  I’m going to try one more night in my bed and then I am going to try the bed migration.  Victoria’s bed is firmer, Jackson’s is softer and the couch is just something I’m going to give a shot (it’s always nice when I’m sick).  I am going to skip the futon in the office, let’s be honest futon’s are not comfy to sit on.

With the potential problem I am trying to do whatever I can to help them out, even if it means lousy sleep for now.  I may just need more time to adjust (and an afternoon nap).

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