Thursday, September 20, 2007

At last!

We own the twins outright!. Ya, I know they are almost 15 months old and this sounds weird, but we have been getting the run around with the insurance and the neonatologist's billing department. I've even been sent to collections and pulled out of collections as we have tried to get it all straightened out.

Now, I guess they can't repo the babies. Where would you return something like that? I don't think there was a return desk at the hospital. lol

Anyway, YIPEE! I was so happy i just wanted to wake them up and kiss on them. I did contain myself so they could finish their nap.


MA said...

I would be nice if you posted a picture of them. MA

Auz E. Moto said...

Dang it. And I was hoping to pick them up cheap at auction. Oh well...

Congrats, hon. Always a great victory to leave the bean counters slaughtered on the field of financial battle.