Monday, September 10, 2007

I like...

...this one. Opinions?

I'm still sending Snappy in tomorrow, this is my plan if repair cost is high. After looking in the $100-$200 and the $200-$300 range I'm thinking it's not worth it to spend the extra money. Ratings were very similar in both price ranges.

Wish Snappy luck!


Wai said...

Hi Sara. I've come to visit from Cam's blog. Stay away from Casio cameras. They suck. Mine's 7.0 MP and it can't even take sharp photos. It also requires a proprietary charging/usb-interface cradle, so it's not like you can connect it to any old computer. Definitely a big minus, in my book. But because I bought it on clearance from CompUSA, I couldn't return it. I'll never do that again.

I had a Fuji before that and that took amazingly sharp photos, but alas, it was having the same battery-draining problem that your Snappy had, so I had to put it away.

I might go for a digital video camera next time that can take pictures too, but stay away from JVC's cameras because they shut off automatically after 5 minutes if left unattended, whether or not it's plugged into a wall outlet. Apparently, it has an internal motion sensor, so if it doesn't sense you holding it and waving it around, it shuts off. Which makes me wonder why it even has the screw hole on the bottom for a tripod. It's a stupid feature and there's no way to disable it. And I really gave JVC a piece of my mind, though they couldn't care less what I thought.

Yes, I bought one and immediately returned it after I read the manual. And yes, I'm a rare oddity that reads manuals. Yup, I'm a geek, freak and weirdo too. And even "hinky" sometimes.

When you get the new Canon Powershot A570 IS, let me know how that is.

Wai said...

Well, I went and research digital cameras on the internet yesterday and it was a toss-up between the Canon Powershot SD1000, the Fuji FinePix S700 or the Fuji FinePix F40. I settled on the SD1000 because it's very compact and gives me the option of turning off the flash function. The S700 does as well, but the flash pops up automatically and there's no way to pop it up manually or keep it from popping up automatically. The S700 is also is one step below an SLR camera - it's not a compact. The F40 wasn't even available in the store to preview. As for the SD1000, I printed a price of $203 from and brought it to Circuit City, where I was checking out the cameras and who also price-matches internet prices. So a $249.99 camera that Circuit City was charging only cost me $203.00 plus tax. And with the money I saved, I bought a 4 GB memory card by PNY for $59.99 plus tax. Not a bad deal. The camera is awesome as well. Stay away from Casio, because they suck. Resolution and clarity are terrible. Hope this helps.