Wednesday, September 05, 2007

So it begins.

I decided last spring to do some homeschooling over the summer and not totally stop...ya, we got in about 1 assignment a month. I really intend to do a little more work, so we didn't have the mind of jello when it was time to start and I wouldn't have to reteach everything. We started some math and cursive review in mid August, but we begin the "official" 2nd grade stuff Monday. Granted she was doing 2nd grade math back in April, but now everything is 2nd grade.

Jonathan took vacation this week, because his company gave them 2 days for Labor Day. He figured he would only have to take off 3 days. He thought we could relax, hang out or run around whenever we wanted. Unfortunately he forgot that in the homeschool world many activities start the week after Labor Day. We missed soccer practice Monday (which just struck me as dumb to still have it) and we missed PE Tuesday (we were out of town). Today we began swim (every Wednesday) and tomorrow we begin BCHEP (B'ville Christian Homeschool Enrichment Program). V is very excited, because it is a day of electives from 9-3 every Thursday. She'll have art, music, science, more PE and history. We will follow that full day up with more soccer and our first soccer game is Saturday. The years activities have begin and now we run.

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