Monday, February 27, 2006


This is build up to a general question regarding how we react as adults.

My friend Staci and I had a conversation recently about major events in life and how we just seemed non-plussed. We both felt at times we should have reacted in some way, but felt more detached then anything. We felt no tears, no anger, and no sorrow, over all not much of anything. I asked my friend Kara if she had the same experience, and she said that their have been major events in her life that she felt she should have had more of a reaction to, but didn’t also.

Are the detached reactions in major instances just a part of growing up? Are we just more in control of our emotions as we age?

What are your thoughts?

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Jeremy said...

I think it has a lot to do with desensitizing and overstimulation. We are constantly fed images/video/etc from the media, Hollywood, et al that evenually leave us numb. For example, no longer are Alfred Hitchcock films scary - we demand movies like Saw and Hostel. It really screws with our feelings/emotions/reactions.