Monday, December 12, 2005


Does anyone have any advise on the front of finding an AGGRESSIVE realtor to sell my house in OKC. I went with a friend who worked for a great company in Norman. I made some mistakes here. This is not a company prominent in the area I lived in, and the realtors just weren’t doing what I needed to sell our NW OKC home. I need help in the search for an AGGRESSIVE NORTH OKLAHOMA CITY SELLER. Any advise would be well appreciated in the selection process.


Pam said...

Sara my only advice would be to put all personalities aside and go for the person who can DELIVER. Ask to see their history of sales CLOSINGS (not listings) with lengths of time on the market. I have found (the hard way) that all realtors are not the same and it's up to you to be selective about who gets your listing. You're paying them, poke and prod and ask questions until you find someone who is moving property in that area. Best of luck to you!

Sara said...

Thanks Pam!