Monday, December 05, 2005

Oh, lotto tree. Oh, lotto tree. How ....

Oklahoma voted for a lottery.  I didn’t personally and I haven’t contributed one red cent to it, nor do I approve of it.  I found this article funny.

Isn’t it great that the schools create trees and one uses lotto tickets to make the ornaments and officials get offended and remove it?  With as big as the state is on getting our money you think they’d love it.


Kelly Sime said...

Hey! Not everyone believes in X-mas. What about Chanukah dreidels or Kwanzaa kinaras?

Sara said...

I'll be honest, don't ask me why they do this, this is a big thing with the current Governer.

I personally celibrate Christmas (for the time being), but we don't have trees or garland at our house. As the tree is acutally something that is more envolved with the winter solstice (SP), which is more pagan. We do a low key Chritmas and have considered changing over to the Jewish holidays, they were more like what Chirst would have celebrated then what we do now. That makes more since to me then what is done now.