Monday, December 12, 2005

Puzzling (updated)


Did I want it for $101? Heck NO! I loved that toy, but not that much. I'll just wait until Rubik's brings it back again. WOW!


Okay, so here is where I start whining like a baby.


Ah, much better! Yes, I am freaking out about a Rubik’s puzzle. Is there really anything geekier than that? I had one of these as a kid (before 5th grade and could do it). I loved this puzzle, that is until my older, stupid, male cousin wouldn’t listen to me when I explained it and broke it. Yes, mine was a master edition (silver) circa 1987. It had 5 rings instead of 3 to solve. You can buy the 3-ring kind, but I want the one like I had. I went to the Rubik’s site and the master is discontinued…again.

You have no idea how much I would love to be totally frivolous and bid on that ebay auction. I just can’t in good conscience justify $63.19 for one plus international shipping. That’s only the current price.

Could someone please explain why when I find one of these on ebay, they are always in England? Are these puzzles just more popular there?

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