Thursday, December 15, 2005

Prayer Request (updated) Again

Jonathan’s family is just not having luck in the car wreck category.

His cousin Pat’s son Jeremy (age 23?), who lives in Texas, had a wreck yesterday. He fell asleep driving to a final exam. He is now paralyzed from the neck down. He is married and his wife is expecting their first child January 9th. Please keep Jeremy and his family, the doctors and the hospital in your prayers. He is a large guy, and the respirator is having trouble keeping him breathing since his surgery. They are giving him a month to live, but I bet he has the will to keep going for that baby.


*Update* 12/14/2005

The general surgeon wasn't as grim as the nero surgeon! He said Jeremy will only be in ICU for a month. They've been able to give him less oxygen! His wife Cami also saw him shrug slightly, move his arm slightly and he did put his hand around an object! CAN I HEAR A WOOWHOO?!?!


Okay, Jeremy is getting 50% of his oxygen now off of the ventilator instead of 100%. Someone asked if he could move his arm and he ran is hand up his chest, and he did squeeze and object! Jeremy was very lucky. Here are some new details. He nodded off and when he pulled the wheel back he rolled. A nurse saw him roll (she never drives that road and had her schedule changed twice that day). She ran up and he was turning blue, because his neck was broken and his air was cut off. She moved him enough so he could breath until the paramedics came. WOW! His wife will be able to have the baby in the hospital he is in. Please pray for continued improvement and that he doesn't get pneumonia.    

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