Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Someone needs to turn the heater on!

I took down the snow progression pictures.  They were up just so Jonathan would have a visual of what he was driving into.  At that time it wasn’t snowing in Tulsa.  Now is another story.  It’s snowing most places.  The hospital called and cancelled our tour of the maternity ward.   I had to cancel my appointment with my Doctor in Norman tomorrow.  Leaving at 5:30AM to drop Jonathan off and arrive at my appointment with the expected ice just isn’t worth it.

I just talked to my sister.  She ran by our house in the city on her way to her Law school final.  The kitchen, and upstairs bathroom faucets aren’t frozen, but the downstairs bathroom is.  This means we get to drive down to OKC Friday, on Jonathan’s day off, so we can fix it, when it thaws.  I just wish that house would sell.  I hate having to pay for utilities we aren’t using.  Why we can’t winterize our house, I don’t know.  Paying for water and trash service you don’t use, plus the gas to try to keep things from freezing totally stinks.

I hope everyone is keeping warm and driving safe!

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