Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Something ELSE had to break!

Do you hear the screams of insane laughter? Don't worry, it's just me. This morning after typing 2 e-mails, I was going to update the blog with a prayer request and a birthday wish.

Guess what, happened? You'll never guess.

The power surged and fried my power supply. The computer is a Sony, so the power supply is an odd size. I dismantle the case and remove the power and take it to a guy here in town. He's looking for one, but sure enough it was the power supply. He was impressed that I came in disassbled and had correctly diagnosed it. That made me feel good. Now I'm on dial up, on the laptop that runs Windows 98, at 45333bps. Love it.


Please pray for my friend Amanda, she's been sick and in and out of the hospital sine December 11th. She's had pneumonia, and some stomach trouble. Please pray for a speedy recovery and strength!

Last but certainly not least...

Happy Birthday Laura!
Now were both 27, I can't quite believe it. I hope it was great!

Posting will be light from here on. I hate the struggle to dial in, man I miss my DSL.

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