Tuesday, November 04, 2008


A SLATE article I can agree with completely. This is rare. This is worth the read for the truth, regardless of who wins, of the misconceptions people have of what will happen post election.

This is an relatively straight forward and unslanted piece. I see very few of these anywhere anymore (from either side).

We are off to the polls in the next 30 minutes. We'll walk. Our polling place in less then 2 blocks away. Since we're going at 9:30 most of the before work rush will be over. They are always quick in our precinct and they have tons of "booths" so they can take care of quite a few. This isn't our first vote here, but it is our first Presidential election since we moved here. I checked with one of my neighbors to see if it takes much longer for Presidential elections and she said it didn't (she had opted to vote early, so I was checking).


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