Friday, November 14, 2008

Jonathan is going to China.

He leaves December 5th and comes home December 13th. He flies from Tulsa to Chicago and then straight to Shanghai, China. He will spend most of his time between Beijing and Xiangfan.

Here are the hotels he will stay in (1, 2, 3). Check out #2 most of the site is in Chinese.

He was told that he will be the primary contact with the company in China so we are debating foreign language again. We have debated between Hebrew, Mandarin Chinese and Portuguese for well over a year. We were selecting between those 3 languages, because they are of the most use potentially for work. Since his company has a Singapore office and he will be the China contact I think Chinese is our choice. Fortunalty they primarily speak English in Singapore, so it isn't necessary. It looks like we'll start Chinese next year.

Yes, I'm jealous, there are tons of places I want to go and I wish he could bring back leftovers.


Chandler Summers said...

First, I want to tag you for the random things..

Also, I want to tell you there is a lady in town (actually I know of 2) that teach Chinese, so if you want some actual class time, this could be good! My dad has been to China a couple of time recently. The travel is so exciting!

I have missed not getting to visit with you at PE. Hope you are well.

Babystepper said...

And I thought I was jealous when Art went to Minnesota... =)