Wednesday, November 19, 2008

V & C

Either my typing is getting worse or my V & C aren't working well. I try to proof read, but I often miss things. When I find an error (sometimes a week or more later) I've missed one of those letters in a word. This keyboard is only a little over a year old. I would rather blame it then my own imperfections (like being a lousy typist).

Isn't that just the way, to wish we could pawn our own issues off on someone or something else. I'm having some real frustration (anger) issues lately. I'd like to blame my kids, Jonathan, traffic, etc. and unfortunately I've taken some of it out on Jonathan and the kids. God is in control, but I'm struggling to really hand this over and let him guide my attitude, because I don't want this to be my fault or about me. Tha fact is that it is, now I just have to do my part to make things more about Him.

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Jeremy said...

I find surrendering to God one of the hardest things in life to accomplish. It's even tougher since I am an independent person.