Monday, November 17, 2008

Super Hero or Villain? (UPDATED)

Snot is on the is on the rise, noses are turning raw, it is that season...(cue theme music)...who will save the day?

It's Captain Kleenex. Able to wipe a snotty nose with a single tissue (or her 2 ply cape).

You would think the children of of this metropolis (okay, just this house) would love their super hero, but alas the snotty, red striped children see Captain Kleenex in a different light.

They see her as...Dun, Dun, Dun...the Booger Baron...out to use their boogers for her own diabolical ends.


Ya, I know Baron is a male term, but Baroness didn't sound right. V is working on a nice red Hitler mustache from (her) rubbing under her nose and the twins run every time I come near with a tissue. My shirts also have perpetual shoulder glaze. Just another reason I don't care for the cold (except for the occasional snow day and sledding).

It's not winter...welcome to snotty nose season.


Jonathan thinks I need to make the kids the villains. Right now I would make Xander the Booger Baron, Victoria Super Snot-Nose (Jonathan made that up, she doesn't like it), but I'm lacking names for Jackson and Owen. I could just make them The Finger or The Tongue (Owen's preferred removal methods) and The Sniffer or Corporal Coughs-A-Lot (Jackson sniffs all the time or coughs all night long in his sleep).

Maybe I could create a comic book to fit into the comic book craze, just for mom's. The only things holding me back are an ability to draw and write a decent story. Darn.


Wai said...

I use Puffs Plus with Lotion. It's soothing and doesn't rub your nose raw like the unlotioned facial tissues. I just finally got over what just hit the nation hard - sore throat, sinus infection, etc. I'm feeling myself again.

Sara said...

I buy the lotioned ones, but V just rubs under her nose all day with a tissue, her sleeve or what ever she can find.

No one is really sick here, just snotty thankfully.

I thought I was attempting a sinus infection and I've been almost eating decongestants and using lots of saline to prevent it. I've only had 2 in my life and I know it was from abstaining to use meds.

wai said...

Mucinex works great too, from what my doctor tells me. Maybe next time I'll give that a try.

Sara said...

I don't like Mucinex, but it's how I react to it. The active ingredient is Guaifenesin. It makes me mean...nasty mean. One of my sisters (the nice one) has the same problem and when Ann Dee gets mean something is wrong.

I only take it if I'm in a bad way. As a decongestant I have to use Sudafed original. The PE doesn't do anything for me. I'm a cheapskate and buy the generics.

Babystepper said...

Oh yeah, we're all about the snot here too. My kids don't like Kleenexes either.

Wai said...

Ah...good ol' Guai. How about these names for your super villians:



Sara said...

Those just might work, now to decide who gets the