Monday, November 03, 2008

What happened?

Friday night was a wonderful night. The weather was perfect. We set up a portable projector screen and the projector and watched Scooby Doo on the front porch while kids Trick or Treated.

The funny thing was we had cartoons and sound, but no porch light (except for the HUGE video), so some people just walked past. After some of the neighbor kids finished their rounds they converged on our yard and watched and ate candy until about 9pm.

One of my sisters and my mom came to town Friday with some costume stuff, which made for fun times in the afternoon.

Owen wanted everything.

Jackson as a white haired Indian fairy, with Xander the one who screamed when you put things on him, watching from behind.

Owen feeling pretty with Ann Dee.

Jackson was Indian Jones, he's only seen 1 I.J. movie and I don't intend to show him others until he is much older (he is easily freaked). Victoria was going to resurrect her punk rocker from 2 years ago while the skort still fit, but my sister brought white wings and I have a white wig and she became some kind of goth looking fairy (and she looked about 16 which really bothers me, she shouldn't be able to look that old). The twins just hung out. I have no intention dressing them up until they care and aren't going to cry about it. They get to eat the what else matters.

After the kids were done and watching the movie, V removed her jacket and wings and climbed our Rain Tree, which rattles and was shaking it from over kids heads to freak them out as they walked under. Yep, she was dressed like that climbing a tree, that's my kid.

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so cute!