Sunday, November 16, 2008


I had one of those moments this morning. It was that moment where you feel like you kind of have it together, but then you discover you are very wrong.

Last night I planned slightly ahead, I had my Bible and Jonathan's together with my CD for special music, my wedding band, wallet, water, lip gloss and 1 earring in a stack by the kitchen door. I thought dropping our Bibles off during first service in our Sunday School classroom would give us a free hand. I thought I had it together.

Enter this morning. I grab my stack. I'm about to drop everything and I grab a handful of Corn Chex. As I shove them in my mouth I bite into something. It seems like a rock and it won't go away. I'm in the street spitting stuff out. I look down and see what looks like glass. Great I probably swallowed something I shouldn't. I got to church early and dropped of our Bibles and ran to the sanctuary. I did Praise Team and I had finished praying and was headed up to sing my special. The music played and it wasn't right. Rob looks at me from the booth and tells me there is no CD in the case. I'm about to walk off and our music minister jumps up and goes to the piano and I did and I do an impromptu gospel version of "I'll Fly Away". I drive home to get the crew during the sermon (for Sunday School and 2nd service) wondering where my CD is, because I know it isn't in the player. It was on the cabinet. I had to laugh. Well, I got to sing one of my favorite hymns first service, so that was great.

On the way home as I'm questioning if I'm going to get an ulcer form eating glass I realize I didn't put my earring in. I look on the ground at the piece of glass (by the Corn Chex chunk) in the street and it's a big CZ chunk from my earring. I hope the rest is in t0eh street too.

Please feel free to laugh.

Only me, I have to be the only person I know who could try to eat their earring.

Just another reminder from God that I don't always have it together. lol


Wai said...

Damn, that sucks. Was the earring salvageable by the jeweler?

hmm...word verification: "scessest"

Sara said...

No, they were cheap. I rarely buy good earrings b/c I lose them too easily.

Sara said...

Do I have word verification on? Huh, I didn't relize that.