Friday, September 23, 2005

Church Hunt

Be very, very quiet we're hunting churches (I wish I could sneak in unnoticed).

I'll tell you right now, I really don't like having to find a new church. I loved the one we went to in OKC. Cherokee Hill Christian Church was home from the 1st Sunday we stepped in. Finding a church where you feel like you belong is hard, but at CHCC it wasn't.

Well, we started our hunt Sunday (yes, I know we've been here 2 months). The church was okay, I just felt out of place. I felt like the church was trying too hard to be the popular style church instead of who they are. The minister didn't preach this Sunday, which was okay, because the President of Ozark Christian College spoke instead. I questioned how the sermon was going to go, with his fill in the blank sheet in the bulletin, but he said all of the things I needed to hear. He spoke about "doing church" in this day and age.

His key points were that their are 2 approaches:

1. The "membership approach" describes a congregation that exists to serve it's members so they can receive the benefits.

2. The "mission approach" describes a congregation that exists to fulfill God's mission in the world, whose members give of themselves unselfishly to reach those outside of membership.

His examples of churches who have stepped out were wonderful and uplifting. They gave me hope that we will find a servant filled church. Maybe this church wasn't a "mission" church, but we will eventually go back to see if they heeded this challenge to impact the community. Right now I just pray God will lead us to a church that is truly His, where we can feel His presence, instead of an emptiness in the experience. I felt very much at worship and in touch with God during that sermon on an emotional and logical level, but I was left cold for the remainder. I just need someplace where I am "in His Presence" instead of "in the show".

I now God has a place for us, I just wish right now that it was obvious and right in front of us. I'll be honest, right now I'm struggling. There are days I don't even think to pray outside of before meals and our standard goodnight prayer with the kids. I need to refocus on God and yank my Bible off the shelf for more than just Sunday morning. I think I'll go start with the book of James right now. Whenever I feel a bit lost, this always seems to be the place I start for a refocus, and to gain perspective.


Terry said...

You might check out a Church of Christ. They are each completely autonomous and bible based.

Anonymous said...

I attend services at Putnam City United Methodist Church. N.W. 41st & McArthur. We try our best to be a mission based church and I do feel Gods presence in our congregation. We would be glad to have you as a guest in our services.

Sara said...

I appreciate the offer to attend church with you. We were very happy where we were in OKC unfortuantly we have moved over 2 hours away. That is why we are on the church hunt. Thanks again.