Saturday, September 24, 2005

Scottish Games

I haven’t remarked much on our adventure last Saturday.  We went to the Oklahoma Scottish Games.  Unfortunately we saw very little of the games, because after we looked around a bit and got to the game area the kids were very tired.

I have to say; I really think the bagpipes are very cool!  The music was incredible.  If you have never heard a large drum and pipe group in person before you are missing out.  I got some photos.  Mainly I got a lot of pipe and kilts, some Clydesdale horses, hawks and a few events.

The events you will see are the distance for weight, the sheaf toss and the women’s amateur caber toss.  The caber that woman is holding was 10 ½ feet tall and 35 lbs (she was about my size, except way more muscular).  That is like stretching Victoria until she is 10 ½ feet, picking her up, running and tossing her end over end.  It was impressive to see.  Men’s cabers start at 90 lbs.

We will probably go back next year, but I think we’ll leave the kids at home so we can see more for what we paid to get in.

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