Friday, September 16, 2005



I have added a few new links, plus the knowledge to link my text. I’ve already mentioned the Photo Album. I have also added links to Rush Limbaugh’s web site (I know I’m crazy, but I love Rush). I’ve also added a link to Homestar Runner, Homestar is a cartoon site that is very funny and popular among Christian College students. My personal recommendations are Strong Bad Emails (check out “DRAGON” and then play the Trogdor game) and the first few Teen Girl Squad toons.

In the links I have added 2 blogs I frequently read (though I may not post often). One is Cam Edwards blog. Cam is the Host of the NRA News, the Internet news show, which is also on satellite radio. I began listening to Cam when he started filling in for Mike McCarville on KTOK in OKC. I have also added my friend Jeremy Smoot’s blog. Jeremy is an old 4-H friend and a super nice guy, with some good thoughts, questions and laughs on his blog. I even click the link to his wife Tiffany’s where I often get a smile from the things she writes( you guys are cute)!

There will be more to come!


I have also added my 4-H friend Austin’s blog. I gave him the nickname Auz E. Moto, the hunchback of the OSU bell tower, years ago and he has run with it ever since. He has good info on the fair tax and you can laugh at his racquetball story too.

The Maxwell Family Reunion Site is also being posted for family to check back for information on next years FUN!

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