Tuesday, September 20, 2005

It's Just Another Manic Monday

Jonathan survived having his wisdom teeth removed! He slept a lot yesterday. I’m just glad he felt well enough to go to work, because he is notorious for going even when he doesn’t. They only removed 2, and they were pulled, not cut. He ate a shake, 2 malts and some yogurt and watched Monte Python and the Holy Grail and slept. In the evening when the general started to wear off, he went and vacuumed the kitchen (of yes, we have nasty carpet in the kitchen) and loaded the dishwasher. When I asked him not to over do it and not wear himself out, he was sweet enough to listen and sat back down. Usually he will ignore me and go until he drops.

The kids behaved really well in the lobby. Our only problem was that Victoria left a Tinkerbell from a Happy Meal in the lobby. She didn’t have breakdown, but came close. Today when I picked up the mail I was wondering who would be sending us a package. Dr. Scott Harrington’s office in Tulsa sent us Tinkerbell! That was beyond sweet. They had good service (very short wait), a nice atmosphere, Jonathan feels good and they sent us Tinkerbell! What an Oral Surgeon. If he ever needs the top 2 out, I know we will go back.

We did skip giving Victoria a lesson yesterday. This is one of the things I love about home school. We work it around our schedule. We may even add a lesson this Saturday to make up for it. Even at that, since we are only in kindergarten curriculum the lessons rarely require more than 1 ½ hours!

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