Wednesday, September 28, 2005

System Updates

The computer will be out of commission starting this evening. Jonathan got the system recovery CDÂ’s and we will be wiping the computer again to convert to XP. I will try to post pictures of VictoriaÂ’s Dance class in her photo album, before I wipe my drive. I am going to repost the Open House to the top of the screen so it is the first thing seen, if I donÂ’t post for a couple of days.


Pictures of Victoria's dance class are in my photo album. Also, for those of you who might be trying to organize your contact info I would like to recommend Plaxo. I imported my e-mail address book and Plaxo sent out e-mails for people to update their contact info. I'll print off a hard copy for home, but it is very nice to have access when I'm not at home. I also like the ease of updating my contact information and others. I give it 2 thumbs up!


Okay, it is official, I cannot install the recovery for XP over my existing 2000 Pro. The wipe of hard drive will begin as soon as I burn a few pictures off. I'll be back up as fast as I can.

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