Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Last night

Last night I got a minute to relax.  I actually got a minute to sit down at the piano and play.  For those of you saying, “Sara, playing the piano?”  I started lesson last August when we moved to OKC and Mom gave me her piano.  My Grandparents moved and Mom was getting the piano she raised pigs to buy as a kid.  I was the only one of three girls who didn’t get lessons, but I was the one who wanted them now and the only one who wanted the piano.  I started lessons with a woman in Forest Park and she was wonderful.  If you need a piano teacher, I have a recommendation.

When I sat down I was surprised at how little the move had affected the tuning.  Jonathan has sat down and played, his mother has sat down and played, but for some reason I hadn’t.  Actually I know one reason I haven’t, I couldn’t find my easier books and I’m not about to tackle something from a hymnal.

It was nice to just sit down and play again.  Jonathan was at the computer and was so surprised that he remarked that it had been a while since he’d heard me sit down and play.  I almost forgot how much I enjoyed sitting down and making music.  Some days I just forget how important making music is to me, some days I just forget I’m good at it.  Even if I only spend 15 minutes a day, it is 15 minutes that can bring frustration and joy at the same time.

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Jeremy said...

You've got to take the time to enjoy the little things in life - now where have I heard that before - haha