Friday, September 16, 2005

The Weekend

We have an exciting weekend ahead of us. There a three major things going on between now and Monday.

1. Right now we are debating going to the Scottish Games in Tulsa. If we go that will be a blast! I figured out which tartan is Jonathan’s, he think it would be really cool to have a kilt. Here is the tartan for his Mom’s side and his Dad’s. They are surprisingly similar.

2. We have to figure out which church we are going to visit this weekend.

3. Jonathan is having his wisdom teeth removed Monday around noon. This is a very recent development and he is in a lot of pain. We are pretty sure he has an abscessed tooth. Yeah! His face is swelling and it hurts. Does anyone have any wisdom teeth removal stories that I can gross or freak him out with?


Anonymous said...

I had dry sockets and was out of commission for at least a week. The good things about this is that I got to eat mashed potates and milk shakes for every meal. You really can't be a meal of potatoes and chocolate.

Sara said...

Potatoes and chocolate shakes, ya, that does make a good meal. I was stupid enough (while my whole head was still numb) to say that it was no big deal and to see how wide I could open my mouth. I ate pizza and everything the first day, anasthetic works better for me than most people. Needless to say I could barely open my mouth the whole month after, b/c I acted like such moran.