Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Family Update

I know I haven’t posted anything truly thought provoking or completely fascinating, but I have on first objective, to update many people on what is going on with my family.

Her is the general update since the move.

We moved at the end of July and we have moved to my own personal little heaven. Neighbors (yes, plural) have brought us cookie, rice crispy treats, flowers and a book on the history of B'Ville. Our neighborhood is beautiful, full of history and kids, and it’s very quiet. Unlike OKC it takes me 5-10 minutes to get ANYWHERE in town. How cool is that! Luckily the things I miss from OKC are in Tulsa, and if traffic is right you can get to most anything in 40-55 minutes. I’ve been stuck in OKC traffic longer than that.

We really haven’t begun our church search yet. There are 3 independent Christian Churches in B'Ville, 1 in Dewey (which is practically part of B'Ville), and 1 in Tyro, KS and 1 in Owasso (both 30 minutes for here).

We are home schooling Victoria now. We are starting her with the Kindergarten curriculum, but we may finish in the first trimester of the school year. We are using two curriculums, My Father’s World and Saxon Math. We are in the middle of week 2. It’s going well.

Jackson is cutting teeth and getting bigger. He is 29 lbs., which is 6.4 lbs less then Victoria. His vocabulary is growing really fast. If we could just get him to understand that hitting and throwing is bad and not to scream in stores, that would be great.

Jonathan’s job is going well, except for the fact that IT still hasn’t got his second terminal working right, which is inhibiting his work on one of the projects he is heading. They may be moving to 4/10’s (working 4 day-ten hours a day) the first week of October. It isn’t official, but they are trying. We would love to have 3-day weekends every week!

I am taking this year off from school, but the first week of October I am going to take an upholstery class at Tri County Tech. I have 3 chairs I want to recover and a futon I would love to build cushions for (I hate that futon mattress). I have also found a new addiction, Rachel Ray’s 30-Minute Meals! I love it! I also got new glasses this week, and they are way cute. I’ll have Jonathan take pictures to post tonight. This will also give photos for those friends of mine who can’t believe I have relatively long hair (okay, long for me).

On the house front our first major task will be putting in a utility room. Our washer is upstairs, where a shower used to be, and our dryer is downstairs in the kitchen where their had been a range (their is a drop-in in the island now). This fantastic weather is making me itch to go work in the yard, but their are more important things to do.

Keep me posted on events and activities with your families! We miss you all!

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Ryan said...

Ahh, Saxon Math.

Back when I worked there (and back when it was still in business), we loved loved loved homeschoolers. They were a big portion of our clientele.

I can't believe your kids are so big. It's so surreal when people you know become mothers and fathers.