Wednesday, September 14, 2005


I love my new glasses! They are different for me (thank you Trina for pointing them out to me). I always go the safe, slightly preppy route. Check out the old vs the new. This time I went different. Heck, I went PURPLE! I thought it was a bit funny that I chose these glasses about the same time my friend Jeremy’s wife got her new glasses. She was just as excited, she even blogged about hers too. Forget conventional go for different. I like being different; I’m not ashamed to be a little perky! These glasses are so me. It didn’t even hurt my feelings when Jonathan told me that Victoria would look at pictures of me years from now and make fun of my glasses. I accept that she will, I’m her mother, she’ll make fun of me for being alive (isn’t that what most kids do when they look back at their parents when they were young). I don’t doubt she’ll make fun of me for the spike I had during my last pregnancy too. That’s what I’m here for, ammo.

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Jeremy said...

I like, I like. And yep, that is a bit ironic you chose your new glasses the same time Tiffany got hers. I've been encountering a lot of irony lately. Just this monday I posted about an editorial cartoon I liked while at the same time another friend was clipping it out the newspaper and mailing me.

P.S. Where are all your blogging buddies? I don't see very many comments; are you having the same problems I encounter - your friends will read the blog but not comment? haha