Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Things Will Be SLOOOOW For A Bit!

Our desktop is 5 years old and needs a new power supply (the fan is out and it smells hot). The laptop is older and still runs on windows 98 and Jackson destroyed our wireless on it, now it's just a typewriter.

So, Jonathan just bought a computer from a guy at work. The computer was fine, but his hard drive was fried. We moved our hard drive and wireless card to this desktop and reinstalled the things that needed to be installed. It is so nice, faster and with more USB ports. Well, yesterday the guy gave Jonathan a Recovery CD. Since it had XP he decided he wanted to change our operating system too. We couldn't just install the XP image over 2000 Pro, so last night we wiped the hard drive to 0's and 1's. This all would have been fine except he gave us the application recovery CD and not the system recovery CD's. We only noted this after I went looking for our laptop VIAO CD's and saw there were 4, since this is a VIAO desktop I assume it has 4 also. Right now I am only installing the bare minimum to get through until we are ready to wipe it again. Yes, we get to wipe the drive again!

Posting with pictures will resume again as soon as we are up and running normal. I just don't want to take the time to reinstall everything if I'll have to do it in 2 days again. I have some really cool pictures from the Scottish Games! It was a really great event. I would have had more fun without the kids (they just get too tired). Over all I'm just a sucker for bagpipes. I'd love to learn to play, but a set runs around $500. WOW!


Jeremy said...

Good luck with the new PC and all those hard drive wipes. I've had to do that a few times and it usually took me a full day or two just to load all the software back on.

Sara said...

We had to do this at the beginning of August to the desktop, b/c of Jackson's laptop accident. The desktop had so many viruses we never used it. We had a Trojan attach to the opperating system so a wipe was our only option to have smooth running internet agian.

After that I sorted through and now have a spot for all software we are currently using, plus a place I keep track of all downloaded software. We can usually get installation done in an evening (we trade off), except for 1 pirated program that is just HUGE. We put that one in at bedtime and it's ready for disk 2 in about 3 hours (the program has 6 disks)! Yuck!