Wednesday, May 24, 2006

6lbs. 12oz. Total

I should probably e-mail this to people, but I’m lazy and I’m just going to post it here.

I had another ultrasound yesterday. Combined right now the boy’s total weight is the same as Jackson’s birth weight. They weigh 6lb 12oz together. Alex is taking more then his share still, he weighs 3lbs 11oz and Owen is 3lbs 1oz. I can’t imagine having a baby half the size of Jackson at birth that would be really little. Alex was 2lbs 8oz and Owen was 2lbs 3oz two and a half weeks ago. They are certainly packing it on quick now.

Even if I hold out the specialist doesn’t think they will let me go past 36 weeks. I have another ultrasound June 9th. If my next non-stress test goes like Monday’s I’ll have more. My NST wasn’t coming out with good readings (it’s hard to monitor 3 heart rates and contractions with out the heart rates trying to cross over) so I had a very brief ultrasound Monday also.

My back is starting to really hurt, but is anyone really surprised at that. I haven’t had any caffeine is a few days I’m going to go have a little caffeine therapy and see how that makes me feel (anything to make the Tylenol work better). Have a lovely day and if you are somewhere like here that is a bit warm, stay cool.

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Rachel said...

It's weird after awhile with preemies and full terms' weights....I remember seeing a 5lb FT going home when my sis was still in the NICU, that baby looked HUGE to me. I had gotten so used to seeing 1-4lbs newborns.
and I think you're allowed to be lazy, :)