Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The kitchen

Over all our transition hasn’t been bad. The kids need to go to bed earlier and mom does have cable, so I’m letting them watch more TV.

My mom now lives in a different house then the 2 I grew up in. It’s a good house with a good floor plan and I don’t feel totally out of place here…except in the kitchen. Today I have a goal; I’m gong to explore her kitchen (and ALL of the new stuff she has, WOW). I’ve made breakfast (not just cereal or frozen waffles), I intend to do leftovers or corn dogs for lunch and then I am going to take a nap and really COOK dinner here. I think that is one reason I feel a bit out of sorts. Being a stay at home mom cooking is an important part of my day and I think once I adjust to that here things will be really good. Right now I just want to leave and waste money on take out. MMMMM Take out.

I do need to pay more attention to the kid’s behavior, they are a bit wild, but they could be soooo much worse. I’ve been on them a bit more this morning and they are already doing better. I may have to buy a refrigerator lock though, Jackson can open the fridge here and he can’t at home. He brought me a jar of olives (he really loves those) and he rolled a stick of butter in lint.

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Anonymous said...

Don't you love when they discover new things to get into, and new ways to make a mess? LOL! I am glad you are still doing so well.

Kim Smith