Saturday, May 06, 2006

Rain, Rain Go AWAY!

No, really I do love rain, it’s just getting a bit old and I left my raincoat at my ultrasound Thursday, so I’ve been soggy when I go out.  

We skipped the Steam & Gas Engine Show, because of the rain and did the usual rainy Saturday kind of stuff.  We went to Hastings, Wal-Mart (Jackson screamed and fell asleep in the cart, 35 minutes in the store total); we ate at Taco Bell and picked up some stuff for projects at Lowe’s.  

Hastings now buys back books, I totally like that.  We have TONS of books; we have boxes in the attic, because we don’t have enough shelf space in the office, our room, or the kid’s rooms.  This past week I sorted what we had out and pulled about 8 books (mostly mine) that I never finished or honestly will not read again.  They offered me $22 in cash or $44 in store credit.  I took the store credit.  This is way better then I would get having a garage sale.

I honestly think Jonathan didn’t want me at the Steam and Gas Engine Show (walking around), he’s been beyond nice and really doesn’t want me to do anything.  He doesn’t want me to run (more accurately I waddle), he even put on and took my shoes off for me yesterday, so I wouldn’t have to (this was offered and not requested), plus he keeps giving me back rubs.  It’s very nice.

On the homeschool front here’s a quick rundown of our curriculum choices for next year:

My Father’s World 1st Grade (basic set)
A Beka Writing with Phonics 1st grade (this is to teach cursive)
Singapore Math 1A and 1B
Nest Family Hero Series Videos and Workbooks (These we are going to buy as we go)


Kelly Sime said...

I hope you'll be able to post when you go to your mom's. I wish you and the rest of your family good health in the coming months.

Sara said...

Posting will continue. Thankfully she has DSL at her house or I might go nuts. Now if her computers ran on somthing more recent then Windows 98 I'd be really great!

Jeremy said...

What? You're not walking around barefoot AND pregnant? JK. What a great husband Jon is to help out with the shoes.