Friday, May 05, 2006


We’ve made some progress in the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately that means that the kids and I are moving in with my mom next Friday. The specialist isn’t ready to put me on bed rest, but he wants me to take it very easy and my regular OB wants me close by.

Owen (baby b) is now 5 oz less then Alex (baby a). At this point it is becoming less of an issue (since they weigh more the difference is less percentage wise).

We went to the homeschool convention today, we skipped the workshops and stuck to the exhibits and made good progress on curriculum selection. I was too tired to do much more. Jonathan and I had lunch and finalized our plans and we will be going to his parents shortly.

The Steam and Gas Engine Show is probably going to have rain tomorrow, so we will probably only be there for a little bit.

I will send out an update e-mail with contact information, if you don’t get it (and want it), post a comment and I will insure you get it.

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