Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Countdown to closing

Friday is the end. We are set to close our house in Oklahoma City. We are having the termite treatment tomorrow and we have a storm window in for repair that will be replaced after the close. As of Friday we are done (no more payments or bills). There are moments I miss that house. We did so much work and a ton of it was done to our style and taste. The burled oak wood floors we worked very hard to refinish and they were and are gorgeous (3 coats of HIGH gloss polyurethane).

One set of neighbors we liked and miss. During the brief stint we spent there Saturday doing the few repairs that needed to be done I remembered how much of the neighborhood I didn’t care for. The yard needed mowed and when that was finished all I could think was how good our house and yard looked, especially compared to the rest of the neighborhood. I can’t wait until next year when I will be in better condition to work on our new yard (plus the twins shouldn’t be able to walk just yet and I can).

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