Thursday, May 11, 2006

The move

Tomorrow I return to my hometown with the kids until the twins come. I must admit it seems to be a win/loose situation. I miss Norman and I miss my family, but then again once you’ve left home and established your own it’s hard to move in with your parent again. I’m very grateful that my mom is willing to let us do this and I love her and we get along well, but it’s still hard. I’m really going to miss Jonathan (he totally rocks) and I know that Daddy not being around is going to be tough on the kids (I'm glad he get 3 day weekends evey week).

The hospital situation and the fear of bed rest or pre-term labor make this move make sense, but it’s still hard. I’m not ready for the twins to come, let alone up and make a short term move.

Blogging will continue from Norman.

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