Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Preggo Pics

Here are 2 gratuitous pregnant photos (and 1 just, because Victoria looked so cute). My friend Staci keeps asking me when she’s either going to see me or a picture and vanity has kept me from it (okay so I want to try and look cute). Last night Jonathan had a business dinner and I got all dressed up (I skipped on maternity close and wore my sisters old suit unzipped under the coat). If you’ve never seen me pregnant before, I have surpassed my size at delivery for the last 2 kids just barely, so I look term for one for me. I’m not sure how much bigger I’m going to get, but my body really does think it’s time to let them out, at least the contractions let up yesterday. I enjoyed myself last night and Jonathan thought it was funny to hand me his wine glass to hold every once in a while.

I seriously need a hair cut. The middle of my back will never happen. Any thoughts?


Kelly Sime said...

You look so cute! and big! but cute!

Sara said...

Thanks Kelly!