Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I want my 2 dollars. (UPDATED)

We got our money! Let the happy dance begin.

Okay, so maybe I want more then 2 dollars, I want my ***** dollars. We pre-signed Friday (to close the sale of our OKC house), Jonathan works 2 hours away he couldn’t be expected to come back, plus I wouldn’t have had a babysitter to get me there.

The closing was to happen Friday, then Monday, then it happened yesterday at around 5 o’clock. It was too late for all of the money to be in, so now I sit and wait for my mortgage on that house, my bridge loan (we used the equity for a down payment on our current house) to be paid off and our profit to be electronically deposited (I trust that more then them mailing me my check).

What makes me mad about this whole deal is the lack of information I have received. I’ve been told, “I’ve been calling you all day.” from the office manager at our realtors more then once since we listed with them. Bull, our house, our cell, Jonathan’s office line all have caller ID and answering machines or voice mail. We would know if an attempt was made to reach us. I got a call saying the closing was going to happen at 1pm from the realtors office and that if anything changed they’d let me know (this was at 10:30 yesterday morning). Just to make sure I called the title company and that information was wrong and the realtor’s office never called me back with the change. The escrow closer contacted me with progress for the rest of the day. Now that is good service.

Thank you Marsha, you did a great job. As for our realtor, and his office manger, you don’t deserve you commission; you did a fair job at best on the sale of our house start to finish.

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