Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Do you watch 24? I don’t watch TV (at least not much outside of a few PBS kids shows and movies we own). I have heard Rush Limbaugh rave about 24 and Cam Edwards blogs about the show too. This doesn’t even cover the people I hear just talking about it day to day.

Hastings finally has the 1st disc of season 1 in (it seems to be always rented) and I’m going to rent it tonight (I hope). I hope it will be well worth the watch. I figure I can rent these and watch when I can to get caught up if I get hooked. I’ll let you know what I think when I see it.


Jeremy said...

I loved the first three seasons, most of which I watched on DVD. After a while, however, it just became like any other television show - the same old crap strung out to keep you watching. But I'm biased against TV.

It's my pastor's favorite TV show; he's always casually refering to it.

Sara said...

I'm pretty biased against it too, heck we only have rabbit ears, most people think we are so primative, but we get more done without it.