Saturday, February 11, 2006

That sucks.

I just got outbid on the crib set (in the previous post) on Ebay, in the last 30 seconds.

My Ebay search continues. I'll just remember to bid under a minute instead of in the last 3 minutes next time.


Jeremy said...

FYI - there a tricks on Ebay bidding that allow bidders to sneak into the last thirty seconds of the auction. It really takes the fun out of the bidding process.

Sara said...

I usually hold out until the last 3 minutes, just so I can battle people with already higher bids. I've never been out bid in that short of an amount of time by a new bidder, just by existing ones.


You live and you learn

scott said...

Those bid-sniping bastards. I'd hate them if I wasn't one myself. :)