Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tylenol/Cold Weather

There is one thing that is just not fun about being pregnant (okay so there is more than 1).  Currently I am talking about headaches.  I don’t know why the doctors tell you it’s okay to take Tylenol; I don’t think it does anything.  I gave in and took a greater medication, a Dr. Pepper.  The caffeine isn’t helping much yet; I’ll give it a half hour and see if there’s improvement.  I figure the caffeine may jump-start something.

*Subject change*

The kids and I are going to kick back and hopefully just enjoy today a bit.  Victoria and I are ready for the day and Jackson is still strolling around in his footy PJ’s.  I think we are going to watch some movies, watch the snow and ice melt and fold and hang some laundry and hopefully find the top of the desk, before V has dance tonight.  I am thankful right now for central heat and warm sweatshirts.

I hope you all are having a good day and keeping warm!

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Jeremy said...

Cold weather and snow? That's odd when I'm farther north and the sun is shining and it's probably 65 degrees outside. Stay warm!