Monday, February 13, 2006

Death of a Cell Phone.

My cell phone is dying.  This wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t the second one in under a year and a half.  The first they said got wet (all my buttons stopped working, except power), so the warranty was void.  I assume the wet comes from the ridiculous Oklahoma summer humidity, because that was the only possibility, but I had to get a new phone.  I went with the one I already had.  That phone now has a screen that is going out.  I can’t find phone numbers or anything most of the time.

Does anyone have a brand suggestion?  Right now my goal is to buy it out right so I don’t have to extend my contract, so I don’t want an expensive phone.  I just one that works better then this LG piece I have.  I’ve had good luck with my old Motorola and my old Nokia, but I haven’t had one of those in couple of years or more now.

Suggestions welcome, but price does matter.  I may change my service company when the contract runs out in September, because I think Cingular is stinky.  Service provider suggestions are also welcome.  I’ve known several people who like US Cellular.

Anyone?  Anyone?


Jeremy said...

I recently got the Motorola v188 for free but it was advertised at a reasonable price. It's not a camera phone but it has everything else including speakerphone, which is a must in my world.

The great thing about it and other new Motorola phones is they come with a USB port so you can connect them to your PC w/o having to buy another useless cable. I downloaded a small application that allows for me to upload my own ringtones and wallpaper.

Just an option. It comes in black/silver and it's a flip-phone.

Cam said...

Elaine wants to get one of the new pink Razor's. They're cute, but I think they're a little pricey.