Wednesday, February 01, 2006

That was just bad.

I just saw a preview of a Super Bowl ad. I’ll be honest I haven’t watched a Super Bowl in years, regardless of commercials, parties, etc., Jonathan and I really don’t care. We are college sports followers and that’s it, even that we ignore a lot. Today I saw a Pizza *Slut* Hut commercial snip-it, with Jessica Simpson. I honestly have nothing against her, but I have nothing for her either. She’s dressed like a hooch and singing about things, popping right into you. My thought, her *over lord* father/manager/former minister, has got her doing some trashy crap. Regardless of money I’d never encourage my kids to do stuff like that.

If this is the best the Super Bowl has to offer in ads, I really don’t feel I’m missing much. The consideration that we might go to a Super Bowl party this year is seriously going by the wayside.


Kelly Sime said...

Actually, Jessica Simpson is no longer managed by her father. Oh, my, how do I know that!

Sara said...

Really, when did that happen?

Facts like that I know too. I helped win a group trivia game once becasue I knew the name of Britany Spears husband. Why I knew that, I have no idea, I can't stand her.

I just like to think of it as part of my fountain of useless knowledge.

Staci said...

Her dad is not a "minister" per say - I think he was in charge of music or something. The media has you believe, however, he was an actual "minister" - I guess when I think of a Baptist minister I am thinking of someone who is preaching a service every Sunday. That is not the case here. Did you ever see the episode of Newlyweds when Jessica and her sister did not know the Easter story? HELLO?!? It was pretty bad.