Thursday, February 16, 2006

Why do you read blogs?

Why do you read blogs?  I’ve been pondering this for a few days now.  Why do I read blogs?  I read blogs of people I don’t know, I just keep peeking in and commenting about their posts.

I’ll be honest; it’s just nice to see other people’s worlds.  I like seeing what makes others tick and what they enjoy.  I have a greater understanding of what makes people interested in different things, that I haven’t yet or may never try.  It’s nice to see funny political updates and watch some arguments fly.  It gives me a break into grown-up and semi grown-up conversations while Jackson naps and Victoria watches Bob the Builder.

It’s nice to see (even though I know) that my world isn’t the only one with mild insanity, and elements of fun.  I like seeing that I’m not the only one in love with my spouse and that appreciation for the things they do isn’t lost.  There is a lot of hope, love, happiness and even goofiness in the blog world just waiting to be read.  Thank you to those of you who stop in and say, “Hi!” and thank you to those in this interesting group of people who share your lives with me and the rest of the internet world.


Jeremy said...

Sara - I love this post.

I think blogs are so popular because people have a strong desire for community and are naturally drawn to others for support, conversation, etc.

Rachel said...

What a great post Sara.
I find my self on somebody I know's blog and see a thoughtfull, funny, or cool comment and I'm off that person's site...that's what led me here (from Cam's site).
I read mainly news blogs like NRO's corner but I'm also on xanga, which for some of my friends has become a replacement for a telephone. A major downside of this phenom.
But, yeah I don't know if you noticed off Cam's site but I was homeschooled and am now in college. I was in 4-H growing up, considered becoming an agent too.