Monday, February 06, 2006

I had soup in a bowl, does that count?

Well, I didn’t watch the Super Bowl (but the Steelers did win, so I’m happy). I have watched a few ads today online. I found a site that gave star ratings (by viewers), so I can watch the few that got at least 4 stars.

We thought about going to a party at someone’s house for the game, but I felt really bad. I’ve been suffering from round ligament pain (this is one I’ve never experienced before), and it hurt to stand and walk around, because the round ligaments in my stomach are just letting go. I think it may relate back to walking and running at the zoo Saturday. Who knows, I watched the kids and a movie, and Jonathan ran back and forth between our house and the neighbors during the game. All in all it was a relatively relaxing evening even though I felt bad.

If there is a commercial I should catch let me know.


I have to say I think Ameriquest and Anheuser-Bush were the commercial winners.


Jeremy said...

That pain doesn't sound too pleasant; I hope it subsides soon.

Sara said...

It was much better yesterday and has been better today. I'm at least not layed out on the couch. I'm still taking it easy and not getting much done just to be on the safe side.