Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ebay Rocks!

Ebay is just handy to have around.  Quite frequently I’m not willing to pay what things are going for, but that’s okay, it’s nice to know I can find them.  

Before Victoria was born my sisters bought us an adorable Pottery Barn Kids bedding set for the crib.  I was a simple blue patchwork quilt and bumper, with a navy floral bed skirt and sheets (I wasn’t too big on pink back then).  On Ebay I found the quilt and bumper, with a plain chambray bed skirt.  Victoria is 5, so Pottery barn doesn’t make anything like this anymore (I’ve checked).  The auction has 2 days to go and currently it has 1 bid at $14.99 with under $7.00 for the shipping.  Even if I bid a lot more it is still cheaper then the original price by far, and I don’t have to hunt down something that works with it.

I love Ebay it’s my friend!

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