Thursday, October 06, 2005


This is the best weather. I love it when I can wear short and long sleeves or shorts and a sweatshirt. It’s the kind of weather where if you hot you can shed a layer (not a summer reality) or if your cold you can add more! YEAH!

The leaves are just starting to change. Jonathan and I love to drive around in the country to check out the trees. Now that I have a digital camera I’ll take more pictures. My favorite leaf change is the poison sumac. It sounds crazy, but the bright red vine on the changing trees are just gorgeous. Crisp, clear sky and just a bite in the air, I’m not sure it gets better.

Well, maybe it does when it involves chilly bedrooms and cuddling.


Jeremy said...

Oh, I absolutely agree. I spent all day Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday outside in my back yard and the weather was amazing. I installed my new back patio and it looks flippin' sweet. I have to post pics soon, although Tiffany might beat me to the punch.

Sara said...

That rocks! I definatley want to see pics.

On a more random note, I had a dream about you and Tiffany last night. It was totally random. I'll e-mail you about it later.

Terry said...

Fall and Spring for me. I always love the rich varied colors of fall in transition and then back to the greens and blossoms of Spring.

Of course, I am a really serious amateur photographer and I love nature at any time and man made objects at times as well.

Perhaps this is just as good a time to announce to someone that while it is not going to be a blog per se, my wife and I are working on our own website. While I will post some comments, most of what will be seen there will be my pictures. For example, we went on an Alaskan Cruisetour (cruise and land tour combined) this summer. Of 6 of us, 4 had cameras and took pictures. We all took a total of over 5000 pictures in the 13 days, and of those 5000 pictures, I myself took a little over 4000.

When something is on the website, would you allow me to post my web address on your blog?

Sara said...


I would love to add your site to my link list and I would be happy for you to post if there is anything new or cool.

I love photography and I can't wait to see your pictures. I have a friend who wrote a story about his trip on an Alaskan Cruise and I would love to have visuals of what I've read.

Terry said...

My, that was a quick response. Consider it done. Just for a little biography on me: My name is Terry Miller and my wife and I live on 5 acres near Blanchard, OK. We love it here because we have several trees and a pond on the five acres, although the pond is really, really low this year due to lack of rainfall.

I take it from some postings you have made that you used to live in OKC, and I am presuming that perhaps you now live near Tulsa. Am I correct on that point?

In addition to the new website we are putting together, it looks like we (my wife Jo and myself) will also be webhosting the website for our church. We have been asked to be the ministry leaders for what will be our local information ministry. Information on church classes, topics, locations, upcoming events, community information for new members so they know where to get utilities and such. If the elders agree with my ideas, our site will have FAQ'S on the church of Christ.

Both our personal site and the church site will have contact capablility for those viewing the sites.

I'll let you know what they both are when we are done.

Sara said...

You are correct that we were in OKC and now we live in NE OK. When we bought in OKC we looked in Blanchard at land and houses. It's nice down there and it was closer to Norman where I grew up and my family is. I try to leave off where I live and my last name just fo security reasons. It's a sad world when I worry about giving too much info to protect my kids.

I'm just curious how did you find my blog? I'm assuming through Cam or Jeremy's.

If you would like to contact me I can be reached at snritchie-at-sbcglobal-dot-net. I know that looks funny, but it help me avoid spam from the blog world.

Good Luck with the websites!

Terry said...

It was through Cam's webblog. I have been lurking and commenting on his site for some time. Usually just lurk, but when a topic comes up that hits one of my hot buttons, I raise a little ruckus.

It was also your site that led me to Jeremy's site. You have noticed that I have already posted there. Now I have both of you in my "Favorites" list for future use.