Wednesday, October 05, 2005

You might be an A&M Aggies if...(UPDATED)

...You put plywood on the wrong side of the glass when a hurricane is coming.

I've had an insult or joke for numerous other universities, but the one posted on Auz's Blog is great, mainly because it is true and has pictures to prove it.

Wow! College Station, TX is a sad, strange place.


Someone called into the Neal Boortz show and explained why this bookstore did this. They called the store to find out why. The store had very expensive aluminum windows that would have been damaged by the screws and would have cost a great deal to replace. Sincence the store had wood frames inside they determined loosing the glass, but noy destroying the frames or merchandise would be worth it. They weighed the cost and determined that glass replacement was cheaper then any other option. Now it's not quite as dumb, but it's still funny to look at.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Sara, SARA! What a pathetic example of Aggie engineering! I laughed myself stupid! Pam