Friday, October 28, 2005

On the RUN

The roaring adventures of the Ritchie Clan are moving on into the weekend.  We are skipping the Homecoming Walk Around in Stillwater to stay home tonight.  Then we are off to Norman for my friend Staci’s Halloween Party.  I still haven’t found the right costume, so I’m off to take on that adventure today and maybe tomorrow.  Sunday the church I grew up in turns 40, so we will be at church in Norman on Sunday and then we get to come home.

Next weekend may be just as nutty, that’s why we are staying in tonight.  I’m off to OKC for the Women of Faith conference Friday and Saturday.  On Sunday we will be in Perkins, OK, my father-in-law is subbing for the preacher and we are going to hear him and sing.  The cool thing is that it will be ALL of the family except my brother-in-law from CA.  That will make 8 of us singing together Sunday.  I’m calling it the family gospel hour.  It’ll just be nice to have us all together.

Fun and adventures abound, I hope everyone is doing well, and I hope if you are traveling that you have safe travels!

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Rachel said...

Have a great time at the WOF conf. I wanted to go but the timing is all wrong. Your music will be arriving shortly, promise. I'm looking forward to singing with everyone. ( That is if my allergies are nice and I still have a voice)