Saturday, October 01, 2005

OU Excitement (UPDATED)

Well, OU looked more solid and played an okay game, but wow, a suicide bombing. I never would have imagined.

My sisters have season tickets and called from the game to see if we heard the explosion on TV. We didn't, but the last thing I expected was a bomb. I was guessing a cooker from vendor had blown or something along those lines. All I can really say is I'm stunned.


I’ve been over on Cam’s site as usual, and he has linked to Michelle Malkin’s site. There is a lot of info on this there. Things are still inconclusive and I’m not willing to just agree with President Boren. Norman is my hometown and things like this shouldn’t be happening there.


Jeremy said...

Yeah, it's funny how the media is keeping this hush, hush. It's been stated that the bomber attended the same Muslim mosque as one of the parties involved in the 9-11 attacks.

It's becoming another government conspiracy and media mishap.

Sara said...

I've done google searches ont eh news about this and it's almost all the same thing. The only place I've found anything different was on World Net Daily that's why I linked Malkin. She's got tons more then I have been able to find.